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Minecraft PVP Tips: Increase Your PVP Skill

Minecraft may be a pixelated game filled with blocks and parents see it just as something really simple.

However, it can be highly competitive.

The most famous game mode in Minecraft is survival. But an entire community is interested in having PVP battles. Countless players spend hours trying to improve their skills and weakness. The problem is that Minecraft PvP skills are not actually enough.

Minecraft is filled with countless interesting weapons. They range from long-range crossbows to melee swords. And, you can always use very advanced strategies that rely on much more than the right weapon at the right time.

If you are serious about how to get better in PVP in Minecraft encounters, other than getting a good mouse for Minecraft there are several things you can do.

Start with the Minecraft PVP tips below and keep practicing to improve your skills, experience, and knowledge.

1. Get Good Enchantments

Get Good Enchantments

You cannot really win epic PVP battles without strong enchantments. In most cases, players use diamond or netherite gear. The preferred enchantments are Protection, Fire Protection, Thorns, and Unbreaking.

For your swords, the best enchantments are Knockback, Fire Aspect, and Sharpness.

Since you will surely also use your bow (more on that below), enchant it with Power, Flame, and Infinity.

You will win more battles in PVP action with better enchantments.

2. Take The Fishing Rod To Battle

If you only now started PVP-ing in Minecraft, it is quite surprising to see pro players fight with fishing rods.

After all, these are meant to catch fish, correct? Yes. But in PVP battles, the rod is very useful. You can take your fishing rod and pull the other player closer.

The fishing rod is a part of a very useful tactic. You pull in the other player and then you send him/her back with the use of a knockback sword.

This allows you to startle your opponent, which can be very beneficial even in close-quarter combat.

3. Practice To Improve Your Clicking Speed And Aiming

You cannot win a PVP battle if you are not good at clicking speed and aiming. There are many tactics you can use to increase your clicking speed such as drag clicking, however, only certain mice support drag clicking

Remember that most players (most likely including you) are very bad at aiming in Minecraft. This means they will be very easy to take down in a PVP fight. You don’t need to have a gaming mouse for Minecraft but it could help.

Just like in FPS games, PVP in Minecraft requires good aiming. You do not want to miss slashes and arrows since this puts you at a huge disadvantage.

When it comes to clicking, improving does not mean you need to spam clicks fast. One sweep will do a lot more damage than a simple spam attack. Practically, this means that you have to learn two things:

  • How to quickly press mouse buttons (difficult if you have slow mouse problems)
  • How to click your mouse when you need to.

4. Practice Quick Hotbar Item Switching

Practice Quick Hotbar Item Switching

Many beginners have this huge problem in PVP battles. They find it difficult to switch between potions, food, and weapons. During survival mode, you practice and you become used to making switches between weapons and tools.

But, this is not enough to get you ready for a PVP fight with someone that knows how to do this better.

When you fight, you do not have time to switch food, weapons, or even open the inventory.

This is where the Hotbar comes into play. You keep all the things you need for your battle in it, like your bow, sword, potions of strength, golden apples, and more.

Practice using the Hotbar items with your number keys. This is the fastest way to fight.

5. Play On PVP Practice Servers

The very best way to practice PVP is to do PVP. You need to fight against PVP players to get better. This is why you should seriously consider joining a PVP server.

This helps you improve skills while you fight against people that are most likely a lot better than you.

On a PVP server, the big advantage is that you do not have to worry about gear or resources.

As a new player, on most of these servers, you receive a beginner PVP kit. This includes everything you need to do some fighting.

6. Using A Bow Or A Sword?

Speaking about Minecraft PVP servers, a huge mistake that happens way more often than it should is misbalancing the use of bows and swords. You will see this happen quite often.

The player will use bows when an opponent is just 3 blocks away. This is a very bad idea.

The bow is best used when a player tries to rush you or when you try to rush someone. In other scenarios, the sword is much easier to properly use and more powerful. Check out this complete Minecraft weapon guide

7. Master Auto-Sprinting

You most likely already know that you can stay sprinting in Minecraft with the control button being the default. As this appeared in version 1.7, it changed PVP in the game forever.

The reason for this is that your sprint is broken when you hit another player. This stops you from hitting.

With the use of the control sprinting option, you just keep sprinting. This allows you to quickly chase other players and you do not have to stop.

Do you want to improve your PVP results? Master control sprinting. You can keep using the control button but there are also many professional players that use the scroll wheel button.

In Minecraft, this is defined as button 3. At the end of the day, use whatever is comfortable for you, as long as you can keep sprinting.

8. Master Strafing

Master Strafing

We can define strafing as moving in circles. You do this around the player that you attack with the purpose of easily dodging hits. The problem is it is hard to strafe when you just use double-tapping.

As mentioned before, control sprinting is very useful in your battle but sprinting stops when you hit.

A way to make your battle success stronger is to strafe and jump. This brings you another huge advantage, which will be highlighted next.

9. Master Critical Hitting

In the game, if you are in a mid-air position and you move downward, your hits do 50 percent more damage, with one heart extra. These are critical.

They also apply a knock back. You know that you hit a player with a critical hit when gray particles appear.

The problem with critical attacks is that they do not work when you are moving up.

Criticals just appear when you are moving down towards a player. The good news is that you can hit a critical with practically anything. This includes blocks, your fist, your sword, and practically anything.

You can even do so with your bow. However, with the bow, it needs to be charged to the fullest, and gray particles fly off.

10. Learn How To Block Hit

Block hitting is a mechanic specific to Minecraft versions prior to 1.9 which allows you to both take less damage and deal more to your opponent. To block hit, you need to quickly right-click immediately after left-clicking – that is, block a split second after you hit!

The advantages of this maneuver are numerous. By blocking when the enemy attacks, you take 50% less damage, as well as less knockback. It also resets your walking/running speed, leading you to deal greater knockback on your next hit.

You can think of it like W-tapping or S-tapping for this reason, except it also comes with the benefits of a block, making it a very powerful move.

Learn how to block hit

source: Intel Edits – block hit tutorial

One potential disadvantage of block hitting is that you sacrifice speed, so if you work well with more momentum it might not be ideal for you.

As with any strategy, as you gain more experience using it, you’ll learn the scenarios where it works best and how it fits in with the rest of your playstyle.

It can be quite tricky to perform block hitting, so I recommend checking out some YouTube tutorials to give you a sense of the timing, as well as practicing the clicks.

You’ll be an expert in no time and a truly formidable foe.

11. Crossbow As A Secondary Weapon

In newer versions, you can equip a second item in your other hand, meaning you can dual-wield (hold two weapons at once). In some cases you might want to hold a potion in your other hand but in general I would strongly suggest equipping a crossbow or alternative ranged weapon instead.

Both of these options can be used without needing to press F to switch hands as they are triggered with a right click.

The reason you want to do this is so you can take fights no matter how far away you are from other players – you’ll be ready to take engagements regardless. You don’t need to delay firing arrows or fireworks, which can give you the upper hand.

There is some debate as to whether Power V bows or crossbows are better.

Shooting fireworks from your crossbow can penetrate shields, but you can also avoid a shield with good timing as there’s a window when your opponent is attacking or loading a ranged weapon where their shield will be down anyway.

crossbow as a secondary weapon

With crossbows it’s also easier to calculate the trajectory of your projectile.

With practice, an enchanted bow is probably better overall, but if you don’t have plenty of experience using them, a crossbow is likely to yield results faster.

Of course, you should consider the advantages of equipping a potion in the other hand slot too, so you can decide which best fits your play style. You can hold splash or lingering potions to quickly deal damage or trigger poison effects, as well as healing yourself or using regeneration.

It’s also important to be mindful of the delay when using items in your secondary position. It’s not possible to use items in both hands at once so make sure to time it carefully to avoid leaving yourself vulnerable.

12. Final Minecraft PvP Tips

Practice and patience are the 2 most important things in Minecraft PVP to defeat your opponents. It will not be easy to be very good but anyone can get there.

Besides the battle tips above, the other things you should know are:

  • Get used to running away – If you only have half a heart, even one punch can kill you. This is why you need to get used to running away when you only have 2 or fewer hearts left. Simply turn around by sprinting and jumping. If possible, also hit the opponent as you do this for the extra knock back.
  • Use your environment – Be aware of what is around you. For instance, do you fight on mountains? You can always knock others off a cliff.
  • The higher ground is your friend – This will generate those critical hits you want.

Having good tech helps, if you are on PC a good monitor for Minecraft to be able to see all moves faster with a good refresh rate or if you are in laptop, making sure you have one of the best laptops to play Minecraft will helps you heaps.

Take all the time you need to practice one skill at a time. Do not overwhelm yourself with too many things since this will make you fail. Also, remember that you will be killed by others.

In fact, it will happen several times. Just do not stop and you will keep improving.

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