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Why is my minecraft mouse slow?

Do you ever play Minecraft and feel like your mouse is moving in slow motion? Well, there’s a reason for that.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the possible causes of this issue, as well as some solutions.

Let’s get started!

Is your mouse slow everywhere or just in Minecraft?

Some users have reported that their mouse is slow in games other than Minecraft, while others are experiencing the problem only with Minecraft. This could indicate an issue with your device’s processing speed or memory.

If you’re experiencing the issue only with Minecraft, it is likely caused by a setting within itself.

Otherwise, check your mouse settings (which varies depending on your operating system) and adjust the overall sensitivity.

How To Fix Minecraft Mouse Slow

1. Clean your mouse

Have you tried playing Minecraft recently after using your mouse a lot the last days? Then maybe there is some dirt or dust that prevents it from working properly.

This may be a little bit too obvious but it is pretty common to happen, especially true for gamers since they are constantly moving their mice around.

Turn off your game and clean out the inside of your mouse with some compressed air.

2. Get A New Mouse

If you’ve tried all of the above but your mouse is still slow, then I’m afraid you are probably going to have to get a new one, so choose the best mouse for Minecraft.

If you have been playing with and old mouse it might be time to update it. New gaming mice come with a lot of cool options that you can customize to play.

A good gaming mouse will improve your precision and overall performance in the game, compared to an old mouse.

So even if you have solved the problem already, it may be worth looking into it.

3. Change the mouse polling rate

If you’re still having mouse problems then we can try to change Minecraft’s polling rate.

The polling rate determines how often your computer retrieves information from the device.

This may not be a viable option for everyone since it could improve the overall performance in the game itself, but if your mouse is still running slow even after cleaning it out and getting a new one, then you should look into changing Minecraft’s polling rate.

Reducing your mouse’s polling rate down to 250hz could to fix it.

500hz works fairly well too but the problem is still there, just much less noticeable. That if polling rate is your problem.

Seems like like Minecraft doesn’t like super high polling rates.

4. Turn On Smooth Lighting

First, open Minecraft and click the Options button.

This will bring up a list of settings. Select “Video Settings”.

In the window that pops up select “Smooth Lighting” from the drop-down menu on the right.

Close the Minecraft options window. It should feel much faster now!

5. Turn Off Smooth Lighting

Maybe you already had “Smooth Lighting” selected without knowing?

Then the next option is to turn it off and try it again.

6. Try Without Mods

Have you installed a new Mod recently? There is a chance it is not fully compatible with your Minecraft version or maybe the Mod has some issues you are not aware of.

Trying going back to your old Minecraft install and see if your mouse is working properly.

If it is, then you should check out the source of the Mod and see if it has any issues reported or if you got a corrupted version.

7. Use a trackpad

Already have a new or not-too-old mouse, then try using a trackpad.

Many people have reported that Minecraft runs faster on their Mac devices if they use a trackpad. If it works for you, you will save money from buying a new mouse!

8. Replace your mousepad

If you are playing Minecraft on your laptop, it is also possible that the surface of your mousepad might be too smooth.

Try using Minecraft on a different surface or even try to put some paper underneath it, just to test if that is the problem.


So, do you feel like your Minecraft mouse is slow? Well, there are several possible reasons for that.

Make sure to try out all of the solutions I mentioned above or maybe is time to start thinking if playing Minecaft with a mouse is better  for you.

A slow mouse can also decrease your PVP skills, so it is something to consider too.

Maybe they will help you solve your Minecraft mouse issues!

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