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Platforming Action in Minecraft with Super Mario 16

The creativity of the Minecraft community literally knows no bounds. From builds that imitate real life to full-blown minigames, the culture surrounding Minecraft seems to provide an endless supply of new and exciting ways to experience the game. Take the Super Mario 16 custom build as an example. Made by MagicCurly the eagle over at Planet Minecraft, it’s more than just a build containing replicas of Nintendo’s iconic game series.

It’s a whole platforming game, complete with custom interactions and textures. We recently shared a post with the best minecraft building guides but this whole platforming game is crazy!

Let’s take a look at what’s in the build and why it could be what inspires you to make your own game within Minecraft.

Super Mario 16 Minecraft

What’s in the Build

MagicCurly was inspired by Super Mario 64’s title and named his build Super Mario 16 after the 16×16 size of Minecraft’s textures. They’ve been working on the project since 2018 in Minecraft 1.16.2 and Optifine. This nifty Mario game within Minecraft contains original levels and takes approximately 30 to 50 minutes to complete. Here’s what you’ll find in the build:

  • 11 original levels inspired by the iconic plumber’s games and mechanics.
  • Custom level textures inspired by Mario levels from across the series history, including grassy terrain and red hot lava.
  • Custom mobs based on classic Mario enemies such Goombas.
  • A slew of Mario-inspired interactions and items, such as collectable coins, switch blocks, electrified hazards, and more.
  • Custom level elements, including fences, pipes, Mario coin blocks, P switches, arrow signs and much more.
  • Original music tracks for each level, inspired by the iconic Mario score.
Super Mario 64 in Minecraft
Mario Bros in Minecraft
Super Mario blocks Minecraft

To play the game, you’ll need:

  • Minecraft Java Edition 1.16.3
  • Optifine 1.16.3
  • The Super Mario 16 Texture Pack (included in this post below)

Why Try It Out

Aside from experiencing a Mario game within Minecraft, giving this build a go will show you just how powerful Minecraft can be. When combining our favorite blocky game with custom scripts, textures and mods, the creative possibilities become endless. Like MagicCurly, all you need is a game you love and a few tools to make it work within Minecraft. They did add Steve to Smash Bros. Maybe a fighting game within Minecraft isn’t too much of a stretch?

Super Mario 64 Minecraft Building

Builder Credit

The brilliant mind behind this build is MagicCurly the eagle on Planet Minecraft. You can find their PM page here. They also have a YouTube channel where they’ve posted an in-depth look at the development of Super Mario 16 as well as the original tracks used in the game’s levels. MagicCurly clarifies that they had no knowledge of the more popular Mario 16 game until after their build was completed.

Final Word

Playing a game that was built within a game seems to be one of the biggest frontiers for a creative game like Minecraft. With a bit of ingenuity and some good ol’ fashioned sweat off your brow, there’s no telling what other great things you can create. We hope you’ll get inspired by MagicCurly’s creation and try your own hand at some blocky game development.

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