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Mount Falcon Manor House

Here’s another impressive mansion!

Something that we enjoy in this blog is sharing those house or mansions that we, sadly, might not have enough money to own. Minecraft leaves us the option to fulfill those wild dreams so sharing this mansion makes us happy.

For this mansion we were able to find and share you the files and location for you to enjoy. The mansion features some grey finishing which is probably not the prettiest but it does go with the whole aesthetic of this build. In the inside there is a huge room filled with bookcases and just overall there is a lot of space inside it. It looks a little dark so probably adding a few big windows to let light get in would be a nice idea.

Maybe this mansion has a look of a castle inside but it’s good to have different options and inspiration from multiple ideas when you are working on your Minecraft projects.

House Location
X: -295
Y: 63
Z: 84

Falcon Manor 2 Falcon Manor 3 Falcon Manor 4 Falcon Manor 5 Falcon Manor 6

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  1. i tried downloading the build but couldn’t find it. Then trying to reverse build it myself and its extremely difficult. Cant tell if the uploader is extremely sadistic or incompetent.

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