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Live and Lounge in the Minecraft City of the Future

One of the best things about the Minecraft community is its endless creativity and penchant for building magnificent worlds; worlds that you’d love to live in for real. You can take up a homestead or castle in a medieval setting or lounge about in your very own getaway island setting. But what about living in a city of the future? In this downloadable, we’ve found something really special for all of you city-loving folk.

Minecraft City of the Future

What’s In The Build

We found this build over at MinecraftMaps. Called NEXCity, it’s currently on it’s 11th and, according to the builders, final iteration. It’s designed and built by four builders, Nunzio, Lorenzo, TheEmperorNick and Fabri2.0 with what appears to be the aim of making the ultimate city experience. What you’ll find in this staggeringly detailed build is an entire city with a modern yet dreamy design. And the beauty isn’t merely skin deep.

Let’s have a look at what you can expect to find in the NEXCity XI build:

  • An entire city of the future complete with roads, building and housing blocks and all sorts of facilities.
  • Lots of bodies of water, from fountains and pools to lakes and an ocean.
  • A healthy and eco-friendly amount of trees and other greenery.
  • Tall buildings and skyscrapers as well as cool, modern type towers inspired by popular landmarks from around the world.
  • Bridges and passages for safe mobility.
  • Sports and event arenas, including a complete soccer stadium.
  • A shopping district with a mall, an IKEA and other cool shops.
  • All building, houses, shops and other interiors built with attention to detail to create a complete city-dwellign experience.
  • …and much more than we can’t possibly cover with due justice!
Minecraft City Bridge
Minecraft City of the Future Skyscraper
Minecraft City of the Future Pool

Why Try It Out

The NEXCity XI build is quite a sight to behold and it’s worth exploring just for the sheer experience of virtual sightseeing alone. There’s a lot of cool details for other budding builders to take inspiration from as well. The builders also allow full use of their superbly built city to made in YouTube videos and other content as long as you credit their own channel and MinecraftMaps listing.

Minecraft NEXCity XI

Builder Credit

This build was made by the four-person NEXCity team over at MinecraftMaps. You’ll need to download a few mods in order to get this to run to its full potential. They also have a YouTube channel where you can find a video tour of their build here. Their channel contains quite a bit of content related to the NEXCity build, including snippets on how it was made.

Final Word

Whether you’re looking to shoot a Minecraft video in a city setting that looks like a slicker-looking Miami, or you just want to take in the sights of a virtual city of the future, NEXCity XI is an excellently made build. It can even make for some fun and interesting survival games if the idea of zombies chasing you around a city block sounds like fun.

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