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Team Palladian | A Build Team

We Are Team Palladian

(Formally known as Buildminaters)

Why us?


About us:

I am a member of FyreUK and I recently started my own building team, to help out servers by creating maps/spawns for them. We just started but we already have a couple of projects to build for other servers. The other owner of the group is a skilled builder aswell and would like to help you by creating new arena’s. Our skills lays at the mixture of terraforming and building. 


What do we offer?

We offer different kind of buildings, such as:
Arena’s, Hunger Games maps, Spawns, Hubs, Adventure maps
and any other type of projects.
We like to work with a lot of vegetation,
because it is giving a nice atmosphere to your world.
We also prefer fantasy styled buildings,
But that does not mean that we can not build in any other style!

We offer different packages to our projects
which you can choose, these packages will give your
players more opportunities to explorer the project.
More information about the packages will be mentioned later this page.

Would you like to check our portfolio?
Click Here for more info.


Terms & Agreement

By purchasing from Team Palladian you agree to pay the full price as quoted, paying half of the amount in advance and the remainder upon completion.  Payment will be made only through PayPal; we cannot accept any other form of payment, such as electronic cheques.  We are also unable to offer any customer a refund once the building process has begun.

 We reserve the right to upload a selection of pictures of the build to our portfolio or to Planet Minecraft, but we will not offer a download to any third parties.  We also reserve the right to allow people to observe our buildings upon completion.

 You agree not to harass, threaten, blackmail or otherwise intimidate any of our team. You cannot resell or redistribute the build. Any customer who does not adhere to these terms and conditions shall be blacklisted from our service.



Small-sized project (around the 25×25 blocks)


Medium-sized project (around the 50×50 blocks)


Large-sized project (around the 100×100 blocks)*
*Prices may vary depending on the scale of the build. Contact us for more information.



We are an community that offers extra packages to make the build even better.
These packages are extra features! We highly recommend these, but they are not available as a single product!
These are the following packages:

Explorer Package:

The Explorer Package gives your build more creative details, such as random houses   Explorerover your world, that can be explored by the players who are getting       bored. We can even add an entire village, just with this package. Your   players will never get bored on your server.

  15$    –    A few houses over the map

  35$    –    A village that can be explored

75$    –    A couple of villages will be added, or there will come one big extra city.

Recommended for a server hub or spawn.


Special Package:

The Special package will bring more fun into your project! It will add parkour maps, BuildMinaters (2)      special Easter Eggs for players to find, hidden dungeons, small         mazes, caves, etc…
This packages will give your players the possibility to become             more   active and play more within the project, so they won’t just     walk       through it and ignore everything!

  5$    –    We will add a few parkour challenges in or around the project

  15$    –    We will add more diverse points of interest to the project, like mazes and   hidden caves

25$    –    We will add a lot of these special areas within your project; a mixture of       everything.

Recommended for a server hub or spawn.


Organics Package:

The Organics Package will add statues to your project! Not only statues but also really BuildMinaters (3)  big trees and custom trees! This is a highly recommended package             since it will give a nice atmosphere to the project. This pack can also         contain a dragon statue, or maybe another (mythical)  creature that         you like(within limits).

  5$    –    This will add a custom tree pack to your project, this is highly recommended.

70$    –    We will add a dragon statue (or another creature) to your project. + custom             trees

125$    –    We will add 2 statues of creatures to the project (at least 1 of those                     creatures has to be a dragon)

Recommended for every type of project.



Are you interested in Team Palladian?

Add the owner of the team on skype!
[email protected] (or Luuk-van-Gils)

Twitter | E-mail | PMC

We are looking forward hearing from you!

(Owners their in game name: Deluxe498 and Luuknater)

Website: http://palladianteam.weebly.com/

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  1. Hey im 14 and i cant spend any money but pls if you would help out a little kid with his new server pls pls all we need is spawn thats all we need pls i have been looking for builders and i think i found them its you guys but i cant pay u guys so if you could build for me free it would mean the world to me a little kid pls!!??
    Thnx hope you will!?

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