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Minecraft Animation | Builds Coming To Life

I stumbled upon this build team and animator looking for content for you guys and I must say,  I was blown away! This is truly how Minecraft should look! The quality of work shows they poured their heart and soul into every little detail. They didn’t take the easy way out and it shows!

MrAcpilot who I’m assuming is the animator (responsible to bringing the builds to life) as Lynchying and his build team design and building their creations brick by brick.  All the videos are truly inspirational and will make Minecraft look pretty boring after watch these. You’ve been warned!

They have used their own custom texture pack, download here.

Steamshire Island

Water wheels, wind mills and airships! – The best parts of this classic steampunk style map. This super Island is brought to life through animation and what you see is how I imagine it to be when I’m playing through this map in-game.



The Future of Minecraft

Here is just one take on the future of Minecraft. From flying spaceships to rocket boots and hover trains, this visualization has it all!  Render Time was 150 hours.


Project Mineshaft

This construction zone and mineshaft explores the possibility of manipulating groups of blocks without creating any new ones and retaining the original feel to Minecraft. Rendered in Maya and After Effects.

Map Download


Minecraft Disney Castle

I always admired the sheer beauty of the Disney Castle and so I decided to build it inside Minecraft. I ended up putting so much effort into it that I had to share it with others and what better way to do that then make a parody of the latest (2013) intro. It turned out to be my YouTube animation debut.

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