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Luxury Beach House

This house is one of my favorite builds because of the effort put into it. This house is a 16,000 sq ft beachfront mansion and contains 4 bathrooms and 7.5 bathrooms. There are a few unique features this house contains, such as the exterior (it is sitting on a rocky beach). The interior has a lot to offer, including a ballroom and different style kitchen.

The house was built in UTB 1.9 texture pack.
Link: http://www.usetheblocks.enjin.com/downloads
I used SEUS 10.1 and Rudoplays in the screenshots.

You can use this house anywhere as long as you give credit.
(I am personally going to use it as the start to a beachfront town)

Additional Credits: Built by: btthomas


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Omg, it’s awesome! o.0


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