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Minecraft’s Star Wars DLC is Available Now

A long long time ago, in a blocky universe far far away…a massive Star Wars pack landed!

The biggest franchise mashup this side of the galaxy has finally become a reality. Minecraft has gone beyond the skins and has given us a fully-fledged pack chock-full of droids, lightsabers, aliens and more. You no longer have to spend years trying to recreate some of George Lucas’s most memorable locales. By downloading the pack from the Minecraft Marketplace, you’ll get a ton of content from A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi as well as the Star Wars hit show, The Mandalorian.

You can currently buy it for 1340 minecoins. If you dont have any you can buy some from amazon below. If you are not familiar with minecoins you can read more about it here.

According to a blog post by Minecraft, the pack contains a map which houses 12 blocky replicas of some of the franchise’s most iconic planets. Hitch a ride across Tatooine and relive the Luke, Han, Obi-Wan and Chewie’s escape from Mos Eisley. Recreate the speeder bike chase in the forests of Endor. Take up arms and recreate the epic Battle of Hoth on the famous icy planet. All of the most important planets from Star Wars original trilogy can be explored and, of course, mined. You’ll even be able to board and walk around in a Death Star.

Minecraft's Star Wars DLC Maps

Minecraft’s Star Wars pack is also a treasure trove of skins for some of the most iconic characters in movie history. Learn the ways of the force as Luke Skywalker. Give Jabba the Hut the old reach around as Han Solo. Alter all the deals as Darth Vader. There’s even a Baby Yoda skin for all The Mandalorian fans. As you explore the planetary dioramas, you’ll also discover a host of droids, aliens and reskinned mobs as well as iconic vehicles. From Imperial Star Destroyers to the Millenium Falcon, you’ll find that the pack contains the motherload of all Star Wars spaceships. Apparently, you can even jump into hyperspace between planets in your own X-Wing and TIE Fighter.

Minecraft's Star Wars DLC Millenium Falcon

Further to Minecraft’s announcement post, there’s a lot of other Star Wars goodies for you to use in your own builds. For starters, there’s a “full bespoke texture set” so you can create your own Star Wars inspired terrains and structures. Jedi Academy anyone? A lot of mobs and items also get reskins, and yes, that includes lightsabers. Finally, there’s a fully licensed soundtrack to wrap it all up in an epically musical bow. 

Minecraft's Star Wars DLC texture set

The pack contains pretty much everything you need to recreate the original Star Wars trilogy’s most iconic moments in Minecraft. There’s also a ton there for you to build and craft your own galactic settings and scenarios. With some much Star Wars content create by players from around the world, the possibilities for Star Wars-inspired content have just skyrocketed.

Minecraft's Star Wars DLC Galactic Setting

Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or just like the idea of some space and galactic battles in your Minecraft, this pack is a must-buy. You can purchase it by accessing the Marketplace on any device you get your Minecraft on.

Minecraft's Star Wars DLC skins
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