Lands of Godal | Custom Map

Some words from the builder Jeracraft

Hey People!

Welcome to the download page, glad you could make it ! =D

I can now proudly present to you another world painter custom map with a size of 1,792 x 1,536 Blocks (in multiples of 128). This map features some of the following:

  • Custom Terrain
  • Custom Trees
  • Huge Custom Caves
  • Adventurous Landscape
  • A Village, Mines & More!

Please help me reach my goal of 10,000 YouTube Subscribers! Only 2000 to go, so don’t forget to rate, comment, subscribe, favorite & Share! Am I asking for too much?

Enjoy all my downloads & I will see you next time! =)

For those who are new to my channel, check out the channel preview video, its out-dated but what the heck! =)



Lands of Godal custom map minecraft 3 Lands of Godal custom map minecraft 4 Lands of Godal custom map minecraft Lands of Godal custom map minecraft 2


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