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Hillside Manor World

This time we are happy to share this amazing world created by inHaze which by the way, it was his first one ever created and not it has been out for over a year.

On the Update 1.5 of the world he added a few things other users were suggesting, which already was popular and had a lot of followers on his work.

Whats in the 1.5 Update

  • New village with a unique farm area on its side.
  • Smaller village across from the tower using the regular villager houses
  • Terraformed areas to make them look better than the normal terrains
  • Tree Island with new tree styles
  • New Ravine section
  • Made more lively by adding lots of animals and villagers all around the world
  • Updated waterslide
  • Build Commands mod (made by him too) have been added to this build
  • Egyptian area has been upgraded to make it look better than ever

We had a lot of fun going around this amazing world. Make sure you see more of his work and follow him for any updates into this one, which already is amazing.

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