Hillside Manor World

Created by inHaze

Hillside Manor is now over one year old! Thank you to everyone for all the comments, support and encouragement over this time!
This was my first world ever, and my first attempt at making a house that was a little more pleasing to the eye and modern. The original design I used came from the picture included, although I decided to make it a little bit bigger and more complex than I initially was planning.
1.5 Update
Due to many requests over the last few months, I have finally updated this world. My original plan for this becoming an adventure map never quite came to fruition since my last update. However, since then, I have still added many new things to it since it is still by far my most popular map to date. A list of some of the changes can be found below. Also, I have used an old beta 1.3 copy of the game to get a brand new clean seed version of the map’s changed areas for the people that want to create there own stuff, or just see want to see what it looked like before I started building on it.
Summary of Changes
-A new and completely customized village has been added with a very unique sponge farm area on the side.
-Another small village using the normal villager houses has been added across the way from the tower.
-Many new areas have been terraformed from the original terrain, to make them much better than before.
-New massive tree island and ravine section added featuring lots of the new tree styles.
-Many villagers and animals added in everywhere to make the world feel more alive.
-Several sections around theĀ beginningĀ of the waterslide have been updated to be much nicer.
-Many new trees from my Build Commands mod have been added over the majority of all old, and new areas.
-Several updates to the Egyptian section to make it more of a complete area than before.
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