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Bernstein Palace

The Bernstein Palace was built in the Baroque style commissioned by Count Geoffrey von Bernstein on the site of an old Renaissance mansion. Architects have modeled on numerous German and French palaces. This palace survived numerous cataclysms – floods, fires and even wars and armed insurrections. Every time it was destroyed, the palace was rebuilt and enlarged. The palace was …

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The Red Castle | Le Château Rouge

The Red Castle This caslte was no longer on my PMC. I decided to upload it again for you. It is a castle totally invented by myself and it is fully furnished. There are a schematic and a world save. Feel free to download and to use it ! If you like the build, please comment, diamond and suscribe 😉 …

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Renaissance Manor

This “magnificent” home I freestyled couple days ago, with the following: 5 bedrooms 4,5 bathrooms Kitchen Office Living Room Grand Story with Giant Fireplace Dining Rooo Game Room Poll 2 Garages 2 Staircases Storage Rooms Tea Room The pain I went through making this beauty, the time I spent on it, you will never know. I don’t care how it …

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Easton Manor | Colonial Manor

Some words from the builder Venom Hey what’s up guys, it’s Venom here bringing you an exceptional Build! From the title, you can see that this build was collaboration between me and NinamanOfficial! This is definitely my biggest and best build so far. The Easton Manor is deceivingly huge. The property is based off the New York area and would probably be …

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Hillside Manor World

Created by inHaze Hillside Manor is now over one year old! Thank you to everyone for all the comments, support and encouragement over this time! This was my first world ever, and my first attempt at making a house that was a little more pleasing to the eye and modern. The original design I used came from the picture included, …

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