Freedom of The Seas – Royal Caribbean

This is a must to check for all builders out there. An amazing Minecraft build by DiomondBlock. This is a 1:1 scale replica! Yeah you did just read that right. We know people either love or hate cruises but this type of projects are loved by everyone, is not often when you can see builds at this scale. Below you can see some  screenshots from the project. Now to go book your next cruise vacation, Minecraft style.

This is now an official Minecraft vacation destination for your avatar!  The only thing I don’t see in the screenshots are villages to make it look just a little more authentic! Other then that its well, perfect. After using about 3 million blocks in the build and 4 months of work, you shouldn’t complain.

This cruise in real life is part of the Royal Caribbean company and does 7 day trips around different islands and beaches in the Caribbean but you can take it anywhere in your Minecraft world.

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