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Aternos Hosting Review [Minecraft Server Hosting]

Minecraft server is where you can team up with your friends to play Minecraft together.

In general, there are two ways you can go about getting one. You can either set up your own server on your computer, or pay for a hosted server. 

Hosting your own server can be fun; but setting it up and managing it can be quite a pain in the ass, especially when you don’t have much technical knowledge.

This is where hosting services come in. Hosting services will take care of all of the hosting for you, and all you need to do is to pay them a fee. 

One of the most popular hosting services for Minecraft server is Aternos. What makes Aternos stand out is it is a free Minecraft server hosting service that promises quality hosting without charging a penny.

We have put the service to the test to see if it’s worth using and is the quality lives up to the price (or lack thereof).

Without further ado, scroll down to read our review on Aternos hosting service.

what is athernos

source: aternos.org

So, What is Aternos?

Aternos is a free Minecraft server hosting service that has existed for a few years. 

This hosting service is run by a team of developers who are passionate about Minecraft and it shows in the quality of service provided. 

Aternos offers a quality hosting service with all the features needed to run a successful Minecraft server.

Furthermore, there are no limits on player numbers or world size, and you are free to use any mod pack you like.

Aternos Features

Aternos offers a range of features that are perfect for running a Minecraft server, which include:

  • Customizable
  • Java and Bedrock Editions available
  • Modpacks (forge, fabric) or can make your own
  • DDOS Protection
  • Automatic Backups

These are some of the features offered by Aternos. However, it’s sufficient to make Aternos a great choice for anyone that is looking for quality free Minecraft server hosting service.

aternos features

source: source: aternos.org

Is Aternos Safe?

The biggest concern for players when choosing a server is always the security.

Having protection against any cyber attack to the server is necessary to ensure a pleasant Minecraft experience. 

Luckily,  Aternos does offer DDOS protection that makes it a good hosting server.

Besides, they also have automatic backups. With this, you’re still able to get everything back in case something bad does happen.

In short, the safety review on Aternos hosting is as good and safe a server as it can be. 

How Reliable Is Aternos? 

Despite being a free service, Aternos has what it takes to be a reliable server.

They have been around for years, and are run by people that are passionate about Minecraft.  

Moreover, Aternos is constantly updated with the latest features and bug fixes. Thus, you can be certain that your server will always be up and running when you need it. 

Aternos Customer Support

As a server that provides free hosting service, Aternos’s customer support is considerably one of the best around.

Aternos has a team of Minecraft experts that are always available to help you with any problem you face.

Whether it is about setting up the server on your PC or when you run into issues, these experts will be there to assist you.  

Contacting them is pretty easy too. You can reach them via their website, email, or directly through their Discord server. 

Aternos Cons

Just like any free services around, Aternos is bound to have some disadvantages.

The biggest con about Aternos is the lagginess, especially when there is an increase in users.

Despite promoting no limitation of users on a server, the reality is a server works better if it is only used by you and maybe a couple more friends. 

Even with a single user, their server tends to be slow. Thus, when you have more than 3 players playing at the same time, the lag in the game starts increasing. 

Although it is not unplayable, it can get annoying overtime and ruin the whole gaming experience.

Aternos Pricing – Is Aternos Really Free?

Yes, Aternos is a free Minecraft server hosting service. There are no monthly fees, neither contract nor catches are charged to you from using Aternos. 

You can simply download the server software, create an account and start playing a game right away. 

server pricing

So how do Aternos keep themselves as a free service? Well, the answer is ads. You will see ads appear while using the service. 

Even so, these ads are not intrusive nor will they interrupt your game. Their “in-game ad format” only appears when the server is offline on the server list.

Thus, it’s something bearable and you have nothing to worry about.

Conclusion – Is Aternos a Good Choice for Your Server?

Based on our review on Aternos hosting service, they are a great free Minecraft server hosting service that offers quality hosting and lots of customization options.

It is a great choice for anyone that is looking for a quality free server host to play a solo game or playing Minecraft with a couple friends.

However, if you want a server that can handle more than 3 players, and you can’t stand any lagging while playing, then Aternos might not be a good option for you.

Aternos Alternatives

Although Aternos is a pretty good option for anyone looking for a quality free Minecraft server hosting service, they are not the only hosting service out there.

One of our recommended options, although it is not free, is Shockbyte.

Similar to Aternos, Shockbyte offers a range of Minecraft server hosting options too, which includes a free trial to try the service.

Hence, anyone from beginners to experienced admins can try out the server before subscribing to anything. 

All in all, if Aternos does not fit your needs, be sure to check out Shockbyte and what they offered.

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