Castle Falkenstein

UPDATE! WorldSave with all features now available!
UPDATE! WorldSave with all functions now available!

A small, romantic medieval style castle. I’ve been working on this for about two days.
It offers you:

  • A gatehouse with gate + 2 hang gates
  • A courtyard
  • 2 defensive towers
  • 1 Watchtower
  • 1 residential house
  • 1 main tower
  • Dining room, living room, bedroom
  • Kitchen, wine cellar, treasure chamber
  • Sleeping places for servants & guards
  • 1 dungeon
  • horse stables
  • 1 secret

Technical features:

The castle has a few small technical features:

  • Fireplaces with smoke effect
  • Gate and trap gates can be closed
  • The secret

To enable these functions, the correct coordinates of the individual blocks must be specified in the command blocks. If you insert the castle as Schematic these things will NOT work if you do not adjust the coordinates.
I am working on a savegame where you can see how everything works with correct co-ordinates!
If you can change the Redstone Mechanics, you will find a trapdoor with a wooden block underneath. Under this is the access to the circuit + Description.

Resourcepack & Mods & Map:

The project was created in the Pack Conquest:

Additional Credits: Built by: RobotChrisMinecraft


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