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Castle Falkenstein

UPDATE! WorldSave with all features now available! UPDATE! WorldSave with all functions now available! A small, romantic medieval style castle. I’ve been working on this for about two days. It offers you: A gatehouse with gate + 2 hang gates A courtyard 2 defensive towers 1 Watchtower 1 residential house 1 main tower Dining room, living room, bedroom Kitchen, wine …

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Beast’s Enchanted Castle

Beast’s enchanted Castle by DennisBuilds and Kellerbier This is a recreation of the Castle from the old Disney movie “The Beauty and the Beast”. Be our guest, take a look and step inside the Beast’s enchanted castle. There are a loot of rooms which have to be explored. So go ahead and hit the download button and get yourself lost …

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Andor | The Two Suns

 1.5 x 1.5k Map Build by Bobely in two month. Composed of two giant structures and few smallest ones. A giant rabbit standing here, don’t really know what he’s doing here (maybe waiting for a carrot ! ) Hope you’ll enjoy it ! Made just for fun, no real pretentions with this project, pretty sure that’s my last “mega build”, …

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Akul Kala | Frozen Castle

I’m back with another fortress build, and to replace my Lagzau build that I am unable to put up for download so, I’m hoping this will replace it. I have kept a similar theme but with a different texture and environment. Encouraging destruction, off axis and blending organic styles in to the main structure which I am a big fan …

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Gondolin Castle

Hello Everyone It’s been a long time since i’ve uploaded something new, but i herewith present you my latest project. After reading many of Tolkiens literature this hidden city has always been one of my favourites, and i therefore decided to try my best at building it. Keep in mind though that it is in fact not a exact model …

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Castle of WhiteCliff | Mountains, Motte and Wall

Hi everyone! I have finished my castle finally, after 6 months of building it.. The castle was made on a flat map and I’ve made a mountain and water around it.There is a big gate with walls and towers, that’s the only exit from the castle with a big bridge down to ground level. The Castle is 100% done with …

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