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Why Is Minecraft So Laggy?

If you are new to Minecraft and your play session is lagging, it can be a huge frustration, so today we’re going to tell you the most common reasons why Minecraft is so laggy and what you can do about it.

Sometimes a single setting can make a world of difference

Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons for lag so that you can look for them and fix your settings as-needed!

Few Reasons Why Is Minecraft So Laggy

1. Render Distance

Change Render Distance

Minecraft has a setting called ‘render distance’ which decides how many ‘chunks’ of space are loaded at a time. If your PC is not the fastest, then you’ll definitely want to check this setting, because the higher the setting is then the more processor power and connection speed you’re going to need.

Check your render distance and if the value is higher than 10, try setting it down to 6 to see if this fixes the issue. If it does, you can try 7, then 8 and 9 to see the highest setting that your PC will support.

2. Too Many Apps Are Running

Ram is important to your game and if you have too many apps running in the background on your PC, then this is going to impact how much processor power can be used with Minecraft. If you are running multiple applications, test to see if this is the issue by temporarily closing all of them.

If gameplay improves, try turning on applications that you want one at a time and you should be able to get a good idea of how many extra apps you can run while playing Minecraft.

Minecraft Too Many Apps

3. It Could Be Your Server

Sometimes it’s not a problem with your PC at all, but might actually be a problem with the server that is hosting the game. You can try a different server or if there is contact information for the server admin, you can try contacting the admin to ask about the issue.

Of these two options, joining another server is the easiest, but if you have friends on the current server then be sure to email the admin… they can sometimes help!

4. Graphical Mods Or Simply Too Many Mods

Mods can be a lot of fun and when you are using only 1 or 2, they generally won’t impact your gameplay, but if you are using quite a few mods then there is definitely a chance that this can result in lag. This is especially the case if you are using a mod that changes the graphics in Minecraft.

Some mods are a little buggy, as well, with the Mystcraft mod being one of the top ‘lagging’ mods available. Try disabling all of your mods and playing the game and if you don’t see any lag, then you’ll want to test them by enabling them one by one to see when the problem starts.

Some Final Words On Lag In Minecraft

Today we’ve given you the most common answers to the question ‘why is Minecraft so laggy?’ so that you can investigate on your own and hopefully resolve this issue. Start off by checking your render distance and make sure that you aren’t running too many apps.

Consider trying another server to test if this is the problem and finally, try disabling mods to see if it makes a difference. 

With a little luck and a thorough check using our tips, you’ll soon be building worlds at the speed that your Minecraft server admin intended!

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