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Plotworld Spawn | Minecraft Cinematic

I hope you liked the Cinematic. This time I have a plot world for you, with a spawn building. In the building are 4 rooms for players heads, banners, ect. Ps: Enjoy and remember to comment, rate and Subscibe! DE: Hi, Ich hoffe, dir hat das Cinematic gefallen. Dieses mal habe ich eine Plotwelt für euch, mit einem Spawn. Im …

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Dargull – The submarine Monster Free Spawn

Dragull, the Submarine monster wake up, and destroy the village who locked him in his submarine cage. Realistic effects, with water and lava. Made in: 4 to 5 hours. The schematics are free to use, u can take that spawn and use it on your server ! But please, credit me (ArzeneG) and don’t say you are the author of …

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Spawn / Hub Glorious Downfall

This is a free, epic, flying hub spawn for your server! The hub is filled with an outrageous amount of features, to fit any purpose! It doesn’t matter what kind of server you own, because this hub will probably have the features you are looking for! Please leave some feedback and appreciation if you like this map! Built by: Springstof …

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Epic Evil Themed Medieval Faction Spawn

Here is a fraction spawn (evil/medieval) Fraction Spawn. Just because we used the word spawn, doesn’t mean that’s all it can be used for! This was built by Nvarra and Synraw. Love the level of detail instead of flat flush walls most builders use to create castles along with the green trees to brighten things up a big. Don’t forget …

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Courtyard Server Hub | 4 Portals

Hello! Today I present you with another hub I finished recently. A diamond or any form of feedback will be appreciated as I am putting this build up for download. By default, this hub includes the following portals: Creative Factions Mini Games Survival Feel free to change them as to your liking but note that you may NOT take credit …

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The Gates to Aether | Server Hub Spawn

The builder: VVoxel_ Hello there! It’s me VVoxel_ here, bringing you my first project on this account. Some of you may notice that, this might look similar to a project created by IceHero_ called The Olympus. Well, because I am IceHero_! ;D I can say that this project is actually what I wanted to build at first. There will be a …

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Spawn Fake Diamonds or Anything Else | No Mods

Another great find by SargeantJared Fake Diamonds Hello there, SargeantJared here! Today I have for you Fake Diamonds to troll/prank your friends! 😛What is it? These are fake diamonds, they look real but can’t be picked up. Perfect for pranking your friends or making diamonds in adventure maps that are to be shown only.Tutorial: Simply type this in chat (in 1.7 …

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Pigron Castle | Faction Base

Some words from the builder pigonge My first castle built with two of my close real life friends! This was originally built as a faction base so it has many small rooms, which you could explore to find different styles and varieties. The castle is fully furnished and there are few hidden rooms, Have fun exploring!

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How do I save and reload my position (spawn point)?

Another common question. In the full game, the spawn location is where you start out at the beginning of a map and you will return there if you are killed. This spawn point can be changed by sleeping in a Bed or using the /spawnpoint command. There are also unofficial mods in which you can change the spawn point. In Classic your spawn location …

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