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Modern Mall

Affix Mall It is a modern mall, with a green environment surrounding the establishment, modern and ideal exterior design. The 6-storey mall composed of three buildings, the East wing which has a gross leasable area of 55,000 square meters (180,400 sq. feet), West Wing which has a gross leasable area of 35,000 square meters (114,301 sq. feet), and Parking Building, …

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Mountain Valley Meadow | Ultra Realistic Terrain

Map Name: Mountain Valley Meadow Map Size: 2048 x 1024 Map Genre: RPG/Creative Author: chronomancer [ ] – Survival Ready [ X ] – Cheats Enabled [ ] – Caves and Caverns [ X ] – Clean Slate (no structures, etc) About the Map: This is a unique 2k x 1k mountain valley featuring smooth foothills and meadows that sweep …

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Modern HD Resource Pack 64x

Modern HD texture pack was designed by mikeyto1o. This Pack has the follow features: New HD textures for all blocks in the game Support for many experience enhancing mods such as The Connected Textures Mod (CTM) The Better Skies mod Random Textures mod Natural Textures mod Better Glass mod Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders And many more! New Guis New Font …

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Realistic Desert and Mountain Terrain

After a 3 month brake I am finally back with a new project. I want to thank all my subscribers for there inspiration. Story: Sorry I had no idea for a story about this terrain. If you have an idea please write a comment. MaP size is 2k. Includes multiple biomes Desert Forrest Spruce Forest Mountains This map is survival game play …

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Intermacgod Realistic Modern Packs (512 & 256) V1.6.4

From the builder: InterHell_2000 Your Feedback is very important in improving and updating this pack. Please comment, good or bad and show your appreciation.   Installation for Minecraft 1.6.4 with OptiFine & Magic Launcher (FULL FEATURES & LOOKS)   1. Download the official Official launcher 2. Download OptiFine HD Ultra 1.6.4 3. Download MagicLauncher 4. Use the Official launcher to …

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Rock Island – Realistic World

Here is an amazing world I must try out myself also! Look at all the possibilities, and those mountains! Still can’t beleive my eyes! Some words from the author JamziboyMinecraft: So i have spent the last week or so perfecting a way of quickly and easily producing the highest quality, most realistic maps possible – this has been my test …

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