Mountain Valley Meadow | Ultra Realistic Terrain

Map Name: Mountain Valley Meadow
Map Size: 2048 x 1024
Map Genre: RPG/Creative
Author: chronomancer

[ ] – Survival Ready
[ X ] – Cheats Enabled
[ ] – Caves and Caverns
[ X ] – Clean Slate (no structures, etc)

About the Map:
This is a unique 2k x 1k mountain valley featuring smooth foothills and meadows that sweep down into a winding river. At the southern mouth of the river is a delta. Further into the foothills are small groves of aspens and tall pines with the younger trees on the outer edges.

By far, this has to be my most favorite map that I have made. I put about 3 days work into it, starting with world machine with some custom macros I have made and did majority of the work in World Painter utilizing some of the newer features as of the latest update. The trees are my own from my Tree Pack and the boulders/large rocks are from the Conquered pack.


The map gallery contains several images of my favorite features. This is map was rendered in World Machine, ported to World Painter, and finalized on my private server. I HIGHLY suggest using Conquest with this map as well as either TME Shaders or Conquest of the Sun shaders.

Additional Credits: Built by: chronomancer


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