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Amundsen Scott South Pole Station

I present the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. It is a research station located at the geographic south pole of Earth. This research station was built in 2003 and serves as a year-round base of operations in Antarctica. Over 150 people live and work here during the summer months and roughly 40 live and work here during the dark winter months. …

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Dracshor – Devil’s judgement

This is my first two builds on Athion that I made and later merged to one, both houses have full interior, the bigger one is a court house with a real court system and everything so take a look in there. I have another one coming pretty soon, that one is going to be bigger but that’s still WIP. Also the reason …

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Pirate Galleon | Full Interior

~*{The Emerald Queen}*~ Description So, here we are having come full circle, this is a remake of my first serious ship, The Emerald Queen, now ofcourse, a hundred times more serious 🙂 I built this to be the ultimate Pirate ship basically. This is easily, the best ship I’ve done, and I’m quite proud of it, it got the best …

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Bathroom and Mirror

Here is a pretty sweet design and easy to build! The idea behind this is the illusion of a working mirror. All your doing is mirroring everything you build on one side to the other. Pretty straight forward! Watch the video and you’l see as I walk behind the mirror. Items We Used: Glass Pane | Mirror Piston | Table …

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Water Cooler

Here is a another great idea! Meet the new water cooler! This will be one of those finishing touches if your building an office, sports stadium, gym, or anything where water or Gatorade is needed! Just use a different color of stained glass! Whats Needed Snow Item Frame Cyan Stained Glass White Stained Glass Light Gray Carpet How To Use …

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Apple / MAC | Computer

Minecraft Detail Apple Computer OSX Mac

Here is a lovely apple computer! (personally not an apple fan but w/e) Pretty easy and looks good in a library for sure! Of course you can change out the desk for different color wood to match your place. What you need Button Quartz Slab Block of Quartz Item Frame Apple Spruce Wood Stairs Oak Wood Planks How To Just …

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Display Case | Shelves

Minecraft Trophy case shelves display

Looking for a way to show off the heads you’ve collected? Well you can place anything on these trapdoors. Great idea if your looking for a center piece in any room. Would even look great if you did one on each side of a TV as an entertainment center. So many directions you could go with this! Whats Needed Glass …

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Computer / Laptop

Minecraft Computer Desktop or Laptop

Building an Office? Or maybe need a study desk in a bedroom? Why not add a little modern touch with a PC! You can make it look like a good old CRT monitor or mount the item frame on a wall and it will look like a laptop. Wish you could make the item frame just free stand. All you …

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Ping Pong Table

Ping Pong Table Minecraft design wood

To make a ping pong table all you need is fence and carpet! Take a look at the screenshots. The only thing missing is the center nets, but you can easily place cobwebs or white stained glass to act as the net!

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Bed Pillows | Snow

Minecraft design snow as pillows

Building your own bed is easy with the default bed. Now building your own custom bed is better! Typically looks better in your build. Using snow layers makes the bed more believable, sleek and modern looking. Adds much needed decor.

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