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Fafhrinduir | 5K Fantasy Terrain

The Fafhrinduir map the ancient lands of Fafhrinduir. It was originally thought legend, but it found again after 500 years. The tales were true. The legend says that the ancient giant paradise is to be guarded by guardians. Magnificent creatures ready to tear your limbs off by the slightest sign of hostility. The question is do you dare to explore …

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10 Different Road Designs & Lots of Decorations

Hey there! This is a picture of 10 different road designs and decorations to accompany them that I did in Minecraft. If you are interested in seeing them in detail and how to build them yourself please check out the video: by: heysofia

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Kite City & The Burning Sands | Guild Wars Inspired Map

Hello everyone! Back with 1:1 scale Minecraft builds with a brand new project to start the year! I wish a lot of inspiration to you all throughout the year. Concept Explanation: In an alternative reality and unknown location, people struggle to survive in the vast lands of what they call the Burning Sands. Their huts are hanging above the ground …

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Return Of Life | Demise of the Dead

Inspiration was Climate change, and my thoughts on if/how it can be reverted if we continue with our ways. Deserts spread, ice caps are melting, rain becoming more acidious, rain forests harvested. I think this could only be reverted by a godly hand, or if mankind manages to team up for one cause. Built by: RebirthOfShien Tools used: Cinema4D, Photoshop, …

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Custom Biome Terrain Map | 4k x 4k + Survival

It’s been some time since I’ve posted here the last time and I sincerely apologize for that the reasons for my absence were partly the lack of time due to certain more or less unpleasant events which developed in real life. But in particular because of an extreme de-motivation when it comes to map making I actually worked on a …

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Realistic Desert and Mountain Terrain

After a 3 month brake I am finally back with a new project. I want to thank all my subscribers for there inspiration. Story: Sorry I had no idea for a story about this terrain. If you have an idea please write a comment. MaP size is 2k. Includes multiple biomes Desert Forrest Spruce Forest Mountains This map is survival game play …

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Wild West Building Bundle

Some words from the builder yllacigoLknihT Description Inspired by watching the movie Wild Wild West with Will Smith I decided to build a western style town and have all the buildings included in a building bundle. The bundle has everything that you could come across in your travels thought the crazy deserts of the Wild West. Package Includes The buildings …

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