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Kite City & The Burning Sands | Guild Wars Inspired Map

Hello everyone!
Back with 1:1 scale Minecraft builds with a brand new project to start the year!
I wish a lot of inspiration to you all throughout the year.

Concept Explanation:
In an alternative reality and unknown location, people struggle to survive in the vast lands of what they call the Burning Sands.
Their huts are hanging above the ground attached to vertical rocks to catch fresh breeze and avoid sandstorms. Their location gives them access to water from an underground source which provides enough for the local inhabitants. Hunting is also a big part of their daily routine but the types of creatures they hunt remains a mystery.

Music: Blue Danude – Strauss Richard
Thanks to the Blockworks team for hosting and sharing feedback.
Thanks to Haemus, Eonli for interior assistance!
Thanks Arcaniax for various dev support!
Thanks to Justsomemonkeys for the render & animations (as well as the hammocks & the harpoon cannons featured in the project)


Additional Credits: Built by: Udvio


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