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Isolated World

I S O L A T E D _ W O R L D The human brain is ever so complex. Chemical reactions happening here, and there, and everywhere. The brain is the most powerful thing in existence, it’s an infinite expanse of every emotion possible. It’s a terrifyingly beautiful thing. Our brains work in the most confusing of ways, …

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Toy Story Alien Pixel Template

    The Aliens, a.k.a. Squeeze Toy Aliens or Little Green Men (or LGMs for short), are toy aliens with three eyes who appear in Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3.

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Peaceful Cherry Valley

I made a little map with the one and only Plutouthere ! Indeed he did all the gorgeous trees in the map especially the big one in the middle. And I did the terraforming and the little house in the tree. So yeah , here is a little modern/fantasy ( I guess?) map . It’s nothing too big but I …

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If Minecraft was on Atari

If Minecraft came out when the Atari was out I’m pretty sure the cartridge would of looked something like this… Illustrated by StarRoivas

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