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This project was built by FreakyPotato. He started this project not knowing what to build which spun into the idea of a small greek/roman/steampunk village. Which we must add, turned out nicely! Total completion time was 4 days and was built on the Vaeron server. Check out the download below and let us know what you think. Built by: FreakyPotato

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Playable Grand Piano

The mastermind behind the build onnowhere This is a working grand piano with 49 keys, 3 pedals, and other options that can be played and can play music! No resource pack is used. (Note: Map can be used with MC version 1.8 or certain snapshots) Update: Fixed a little bug with the title in the sheet music not showing the “Now Playing” …

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Minecraft in Winter | Animated Gifs

These beautiful animated gifs showing off the winter side of the game from MinecraftGifs! Don’t stare at one to long as you’ll be wishing you were by a fireplace and bam! Your asleep. Below you will find, winter valleys, frozen lakes, snowy huts and more! Enjoy                 Be sure to check out MinecraftGifs …

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Some of the Best Minecraft Gifs | Animated

Below you will find some of the most popular minecraft animated gifs floating around the web. If you have others that you believe belong in this list post them below and share with the world!     via MinecraftGifs

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