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Playable Grand Piano

The mastermind behind the build onnowhere

This is a working grand piano with 49 keys, 3 pedals, and other options that can be played and can play music! No resource pack is used.

(Note: Map can be used with MC version 1.8 or certain snapshots)

Update: Fixed a little bug with the title in the sheet music not showing the “Now Playing” text.

Update2: Fixed a bug where playing a composition who’s command blocks are located next to another one’s in the main mechanism causes both to play. Piano Mechanic schematic and the Grand Piano map’s compose guide and mechanic have been updated. Thanks to /u/KamikazePlatypus over on reddit for notifying me!


  • 4 Octave keyboard with sharps and flats
  • Animated keys and pedals when used
  • 3 Working pedals (Soft, Sostenuto, and Damper)
  • 4 Sound options (Normal, BD/Snare, Hat/Pling, Sound/Noise)
  • Toggleable display for notes and pedals
  • Two playing methods
  • Piano bench that can be sat on with container inside it
  • Playable music
  • Ability to write your own music
  • General cool look!

Instructions for music writing are located in the map download.

If you’d like to put this into your world, schematics are available. You must set the main contraption inside a chunk that is always loaded, but the piano itself can be placed anywhere in the world to be used.

Download Comes with:

  • Full map with all command blocks and piano itself plus auditorium
  • Piano schematic
  • Piano Mechanic schematic (Command blocks)
  • Piano Compose Mode schematic
  • Piano Compose Sheet Music Template
  • Demo music piece
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