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Moonwalking Mobs

Here is an interesting concept HiFolksImAdam stumbled upon while creating something crazy (I assume ha) in minecraft. This has tons of fun potential. Like the comments say on the YouTube video below picture duckhunt, minecraft style! Yes you just read that right.

Nathan Casement 21 hours ago

You could make a cool mini game where you would shoot the mobs with a bow and arrow and gain points

TheSuperFlyingSquid 21 hours ago

You should make a mini game like the ones you have at fairs where you shoot the duck or whatever

I would love to see where you guys take this next. If you decided to build a game or some creation out of this concept, please share it below in the comments! I can only imagine the possibilities!

A word from the author HiFolksImAdam:

So, I accidentally stumbled across a way to make mobs slide indefinitely. Naturally, I made a Moonwalking parade. MJ would’ve been proud!



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XD Epic!


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