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Minecraft Path Ideas And Designs

Minecraft is quickly expanding with new types of blocks such as Amethyst, Calcite, Deepslate, Smooth Basalt and Tuff.

These new blocks can all be used in different combinations to create great looking pathways, making your towns look truly unique.

In the next sections, we’ll be covering five new and different path designs that you can use to spice up your world, and maybe even surprise people within a multiplayer world.

How To Make Pathways Look Better – Path Design Ideas

1. Paths For Cities And Large Towns


The deepslate is used to make the base of the path, and you can make this as wide as you want. We’ve made the path three blocks wide to account for the edging that will go on next.

If you have a large city for example, you may want to make this five or more blocks wide.


We use the amethyst for the first edge layer of the path. The block sits in the ground on either side of the deepslate base. It adds some color to the path, and also lets you know if you’re getting close to the edge when sprinting.

If you want a bit more colour in your path, you can swap the outer blocks of the deepslate base for amethyst.


Lastly, the calcite edge goes outside of the amethyst, but above the ground. This adds a nice border to the path, and also acts as a barrier to stop pesky villagers or mobs from causing blockages on your path as easily.

2. Designs For Ancient Builds


Tuff will be the base of this second path as well as the edge, although you won’t end up seeing half of it. Tuff can be a good alternative to cracked stone bricks and mossy stone bricks as you can give it more variation in how mossy you want your path to look.

There are many different variations you can try, just see where your imagination takes you.

Moss Blocks and Carpet

The moss blocks and carpet are used to add the mossy details to your path. If you want a very old and overgrown look, you can add lots of moss carpet to the path and swap some of the tuff on the sides for moss blocks.

If you want less, then use less moss blocks and place some moss carpet on top of the tuff edges.

3. Paths To Connect Builds


What’s great about basalt is that you have three options depending on your taste and what kind of feel you want for your path.

Raw basalt can give your path a more gravelly feel while being darker than gravel, polished basalt can make it feel a bit more Mayan or Incan, and smooth basalt adds a bit of sophistication.

There’s plenty of options when combined with amethyst and copper.


There are two different types of amethyst you can use here, and they do make a difference. The budding amethyst can again add to that gravelly feel, with the added bonus of growing amethyst clusters too.

The amethyst blocks continue that slick, polished look and add a bit of a steampunk feel when combined with the blocks of copper.


Copper is another great new addition, and copper blocks look really cool when used as a path edge. We used both waxed blocks and waxed oxidised blocks of copper to see what both would look like.

Alternatively, if you like how it looks in one of the stages in between, grab some wax and keep it that way! You can use these either above ground or in the ground.

Final Thoughts

Well there’s some new path designs for your Minecraft worlds that you hopefully haven’t seen before. The new blocks of the Caves, Cliffs update are certainly interesting and we can’t wait to see what else players come up with. 

Path idea #1 would certainly look great being twice the size in a large city, allowing people to ride horses in both directions at the same time, while path idea #2 could easily be used in an ancient temple parkour level. And for the last path ideas we can see them being used as a bridge out to a floating airship.

What will you create next? Share it with us in the comments!

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