Living Room

Build Size: 593 x 525 x 256

Main Reference images

** The schematic for this project also contains the kitchen project that is attached to the living room due to this going to be a complete house in the future.
** The World file contains the living room, and all other previous room posts.

This room took longer to build than I initially anticipated just because of maps that needed my attention first, however I finally got it finished. I have now set out to build a whole house/apartment so there will be more large-scale rooms in the future, it just may take awhile because I do these on my own, and on my free time. Next I’m thinking bedroom or dining room. I tend to post a lot of progression pictures to twitter so you can follow me there if you’re itching for updates 😛

Feel free to download the files for this project to take a closer look. If you happen to do any renders or videos with this project send me a link by pmc message, id love to see it and may even add it into the project later :). Please do not repost this and/or claim this as your own work 🙂

Thanks to Roddan for making 2 neat renders
*(TV screen art was built by Blockskey)*

Additional Credits: Built By: Raven_Baxter


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