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Banghai City | The Palace of Leng

Oil and coal are distant memories. New, more advanced ways of creating energy must be found, and found it has. Banghai City’s main source of power comes from The Palace of Leng, the last remaining remnants of an old, worn Earth. For years Banghai City has been harnessing power from the Palace, yet the cause of this power is still unknown to all, some believe it’s God’s play, some don’t know what to believe. Second to the mystical powers created by the Temple comes the existential dam that the city is built on and with. Vast amounts of water pass through Banghai City everyday, and flow of the water is harnessed to every possibility.

Meester Curly

Waste disposal | 01
All of the waste that is created in the city is all funneled into ‘Gnasher’ which grinds the waste up into a pulp and is then recycled for more use. All items within the city are fully recyclable.

Housing  | 02
A new housing system has been brought in with a unique and innovative design, in which the towers are able to raise and lower into the ground in order to save space in the open air.

Food | 03
All food here is completely vegan and taken from trees and from the ground, the water flow through the city means that trees and bushes are able to flourish and grow.

Transport | 04
A city tram system has been put in place to get you from place to place. Using superconductors the tram can move from place to place with a smooth, easy ride.

Trees | 05
There is an automated tree farm which picks fruit, chops down and re-plants them, and water runs through the farm from the dam in order for the trees to grow properly.

Additional Credits: Built by: Master Curly along with WZStripes HyperionHydra Anwill Markiealso Spoyders MrSheep74 Gabersid FlorianFunke DennisBuilds LNeoX Droolie Brandon Relph


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Jayce Cecil
Jayce Cecil

This place is truly amazing you guys are great builders!



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