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Fryst Fortress

We started this project as a group in January of 2016, but stopped after only a little bit of work. I got tired of seeing it unfinished and decided to finish it! 😀 Huge thanks to Joebricksy for the render, really brings the build to life. Additional Credits: Built by: Abigantamos Screenshots

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16 Minecraft Wall Ideas | World-o-Walls

Imgur user MCNoodlor has put together an amazing collection of walls along with a wireframe to help you create your own ideas! If you do create one, please post it in the comments below to add to this list! You will find 16 below and a download link at the bottom!                   …

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Castle of WhiteCliff | Mountains, Motte and Wall

Hi everyone! I have finished my castle finally, after 6 months of building it.. The castle was made on a flat map and I’ve made a mountain and water around it.There is a big gate with walls and towers, that’s the only exit from the castle with a big bridge down to ground level. The Castle is 100% done with …

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