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Symmetry Park

Symmetry Park Minecraft: How to make Symmetry Park xbox one [tutorial] Every city needs a place where people can just hangout and relax. So after we made some awesome vehicles and Houses i think its time to make a park and not just any park but a perfect Symmetry park ►Texture pack: Default Initial Design by: Jamiegames250 Additional Credits: Screenshots

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Oak Tree Pack

Pretty simple 24 tree/bush pack I made a long while back that was just lying around so I thought I’d put it out for you guys to use. The first schematic “Tree_1” starts with the smallest objects and ends with the largest, “Tree_24” Schematics are Case and Character sensitive Give credit where its due. That’s it. Additional Credits: Built By: Plutouthere …

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Medieval Village

MAP BUILD BY Lead Builder: DRFTER Helper Builder: DrHecht affe481 Elevenith koin1 thepxl PixelFrax Corest CINEMATIC Paulipan RENDERS & GIFs affe481 Server IP HeroPixels.net Additional Credits: Built by: HeroPixels Screenshots

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Return Of Life | Demise of the Dead

Inspiration was Climate change, and my thoughts on if/how it can be reverted if we continue with our ways. Deserts spread, ice caps are melting, rain becoming more acidious, rain forests harvested. I think this could only be reverted by a godly hand, or if mankind manages to team up for one cause. Built by: RebirthOfShien Tools used: Cinema4D, Photoshop, …

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As Simple As It Gets

The 1.8 seed “simplicity” is a beautiful yet simple seed. You spawn right next to a village surrounded by simple biomes: a swamp, forest and field. Not only can you start off easy with the village, there are fantastic cave systems found right around the village.

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Twisted Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas, when all though the web not a player was building, not even a dev. The houses were built by the builders with care in hopes that the players would soon be there. The tree in the center, glinted with glitter and the uploads were made to Facebook and Twitter. The tinsel was draped and the …

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Peaceful Cherry Valley

I made a little map with the one and only Plutouthere ! Indeed he did all the gorgeous trees in the map especially the big one in the middle. And I did the terraforming and the little house in the tree. So yeah , here is a little modern/fantasy ( I guess?) map . It’s nothing too big but I …

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Plutopia – Floating Worlds

Meet the builder: Plutouthere Never thought I would finish this project at the rate I was going.. But here it is! For you all to enjoy. After a lot of thought I decided to make it my first and last attempt at getting in the Angel Block Society. I figure if I don’t get in, well this is about as creative/good …

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Mother of Trees | Largest Ever And A Town

Built by: Ripee123 Hello, after a little break, I’m here with the most boring (to build that is) structure I’ve ever built. (with help) It has more branches than average human has hairs. It’s big. I claim it to be biggest tree ever on this level of realism in Minecraft. Proof me wrong and I will go jump off the …

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Tree of Life | Floating

Floating island tree of life

The builder 0neArcher Another Floating island thingy i made, no W/E was used for the leaves as they decay with w/e :/ had to do them by hand… random floating islands around it. Renders made with Cinema4D and iPiccy. Resources Pack: Conquest  

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