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Mexican Hacjenda

Recently occurred to me the desire to try something fresh. Something that you did not build. Desire to test their strength, and the ability to pack Conquest_, who has no right to label me as medieval. It is so versatile that it is impossible to mention all the possible styles in which to build. Today I have the pleasure to …

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Modern Concept Home

Hello! I’m back again with another small project. It’s a concept house that i built in 1.3 hours located on IAS (/warp mellow) This build consists: 1 Living room 1 Kitchen 1 Toilet 1 Bedroom  Pool I hope you enjoy the world download as well. disclaimer: you are free to use my builds only if you give me credit for …

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Riverbend Medieval House

Following the crane tutorial from the other day, I said there would be a small map up for download within the next few days. Well… Here it is. It’s not a large scale map, but its a nice little cozy cottage you could almost say. Hopefully, I should have another chunk of Toland up for download by Thursday hopefully. Now …

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Medieval Playerhome

Hey guys and thanks for checking out my project. This medieval house was supposed to be my player home on the Adrundaal-Server. It was a bit inspired by the Eldor Castle but turned out very different. As the city was the opinion that the house doesn’t fit to their concept, I decided to build a plot sized landscape around it and …

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Renaissance Manor

This “magnificent” home I freestyled couple days ago, with the following: 5 bedrooms 4,5 bathrooms Kitchen Office Living Room Grand Story with Giant Fireplace Dining Rooo Game Room Poll 2 Garages 2 Staircases Storage Rooms Tea Room The pain I went through making this beauty, the time I spent on it, you will never know. I don’t care how it …

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Giant Fantasy Mushroom

I’ve been told, bigger is better so here it is! The biggest fantasy mushroom you will ever see! Adding houses and what not was really hard because of the size.  I tried some new stuff with this build and I think it came out nicely!  On the mushroom I have a couple houses a market square, a couple farms and …

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Tudor Mansion

This is my first Tudor Style Mansion I have ever attempted.  The build took about a week and a half to complete.  There are bunch of unique features this house has to offer, such as being built for both creative and survival.  The house was built with a custom Moartex and I used both Seus and Rudo Plays shaders.  You …

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Large Victorian House

This victorian house uses yellow stained clay, lime stained clay, quartz, and stone bricks as the main building materials. I also used andesite as a foundation and some red brick details mixed into the structure. The house exterior consists of a wrap-around porch that leads to a backyard patio. There is a driveway that leads to a small garage house …

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The Escape | Modern House

Well Hello! Welcome to The Escape. This house is a modern vacation home. I created it myself. This House has no interior. That job is up to you!! (Resource Pack- Flow’s HD) (Shaderpack- KUDA Shaders 0.5.0 v5) Again, Thanks for all the support on my builds!:) Leave me feedback in the comments! Built by: SacredDiamonds

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