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Bernstein Palace

The Bernstein Palace was built in the Baroque style commissioned by Count Geoffrey von Bernstein on the site of an old Renaissance mansion. Architects have modeled on numerous German and French palaces. This palace survived numerous cataclysms – floods, fires and even wars and armed insurrections. Every time it was destroyed, the palace was rebuilt and enlarged. The palace was …

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Symmetry Park

Symmetry Park Minecraft: How to make Symmetry Park xbox one [tutorial] Every city needs a place where people can just hangout and relax. So after we made some awesome vehicles and Houses i think its time to make a park and not just any park but a perfect Symmetry park ►Texture pack: Default Initial Design by: Jamiegames250 Additional Credits: Screenshots

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House Bundle | Fourteen Plot

After over a year, it’s time for my second house bundle to be published. This time, it contains double the amount of houses. Some have gardens, some even interior, others are “just” the building. Nevertheless, they are all built in about the same style. Use them for whatever you want. Let the houses and gardens inspire you. Maybe you could …

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The Assault on Kokodu | Zen Garden

The Assault on Kokodu Presenting my latest project – The Assault on Kokodu. I started this build 1 month ago and it was originally my entry in the Sketchfab Minecraft Mystery Competition. Unfortunately the site is unable to process the build due to its large size and therefore I won’t be entering it. Given the time constraints I had to …

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The Kings Garden

The builder: luespartan Here is a large garden for royalty to show their wealth and power. Purposely put along a main road and river so peasants can admire it. Feel free to use this in your server or for whatever you may want to use it for. But do NOT claim that it is your creation.

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