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Decorative Entrances

Not a lot to really say about this one other then the materials used which are listed below. This is a great addition for any build looking to add more uniqueness and decor to their build. This works for both interior and exterior additions. Heck you can even use it as a garden entry way! I’m sure you guys will …

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How To Build A Simple Laser Door

Youtuber Minecraft Universe | TrueMU will walk us though on how to create a simple door but from freaking laser beams! This is a great way to add some high tech geeky stuff to your build. You will need: Diamond blocks Sticky Piston Red stone Quartz Beacon Beams Red Glass (any color works) Carpet Gates Don’t forget to post in …

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Good Guy Door – Waits until you go through

[Tutorial] Good Guy Door – Waits until you go through – Commentated – Minecraft Another tutorial by PG5. This time they show us how to build a door with redstone that only closes once you go though. No time limit. Bonus you can add sound effects!

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