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Other Video Games as Minecraft

Created by¬†ItsJerryAndHarry, this video shows what other games look like if they were played Minecraft style. I would say they did a pretty good job representing the core of most games! Check it out! Games in this video: -Mario Kart -Portal 2 -Frogger -Pokemon -Nintendogs -Super Mario -Terraria -Call of Duty/COD -The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -Mortal Kombat -Grand Theft …

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ODIN Space Station (Call of Duty: Ghosts)

A word from the builder [Firebros] The ODIN Space Station (Orbital Defence Initiative) is the US military’s orbital strike weapon, armed with kinetic tungsten rods, capable of massive damage on earth. In game, it is hijacked by the “federation” and causes massive damage to the ground below, triggering the game’s main story line. Now, may I make this clear, I …

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