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World of Stadiums

Here is an amazing collection of stadiums built by Nicky_Troll 123 Below you will find a list of all the stadiums. Anfield: capacity: 45,000 Epic stadium:capacity: 37,000 Olympic stadium mini: capacity: 29,000 Rock stadium:capacity:49,000 Juventus stadium:capacity:41,000 Lol stadium:capacity:50,000 Quit arena:capacity:43,000 3stand stadium:capacity:44,000 Mini stadium:capacity:10,000 CS stadium:capacity: 23,000 Vela stadium:capacity: 40,000 Cliff stadium:capacity:55,000 Olympic Rock: capacity: 56,000 Orange Stadium: capacity: 42,000 Florence …

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Ruined Colosseum / Spleef Arena

Some words from the builder: Voth Just something I made in my spare time. It’s not completely finished although some parts are meant to look broken since I meant for it to be partially ruined. If this hits 20 diamonds I’ll add a world download! — ADDED DOWNLOAD.Thank you for all the views! Also, it is based off of the …

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RuinCraft – Hunger Games Survival

This is the RuinCraft Hunger Games Map. In RuinCraft are, as the name already says, ruins. The map is for 24 players and it’s recommended to disable monster. I hope you like it 😀   Website: http://h3r0br1n30.wix.com/official   Map made by: H3r0br1n30, fifaforever, Ente1999, Desert_Fire, Lars99s  

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