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Gravity Falls Adventure Mode

Includes :
– 8 chapters from 8 episodes
– Roleplaying
– Open World
– 6 Boss Fights
– Treasure chests everywhere
– Accurate Gravity Falls Map
– Gravity falls texture pack
– Gravity falls intro and cutscenes

What about it?
-Simple and easy map mostly meant for roleplaying than action and fighting.
-Single player. Multiplayer would work too but the main character is played as Dipper
-1 – 4 Hours of gameplay depending on the player.
-Intro of Gravity falls Close to the actual intro.
-Gravity Falls texture pack is required to play the map
-Version 1.11.2

-Don’t take armor or heads from armorstands/characters
-Don’t move when the screen goes black and says “Travelling…”
-Don’t go creative.
-Try to not move away when a character is talking. If you get too far from the previous pressure plate. You might not progress the game.



DOWNLOAD HERE : https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/gravity-falls-adventure-mode/



Other links and Credits:
-Clean Gravity falls map (Doesn’t require resource pack):https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/gravity-falls-exploration-map/
-Original Gravity Falls resource pack:https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/my-gravity-falls-resource-pack/

I do not own the resource pack. The Adventure is only 8 Chapters done out of 12 of the originally planned chapters. The Adventure it self may not be as accurate as recreating each and every episodes. But it contains different part of episodes. I will create Chapter 9 if this gets Popular Enough or if I manage to finish it.

Gravity falls texture pack (included in download) is REQUIRED before playing the map. The Version is only 1.11.2

Report any problems of the map at the comments section

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