Write For Us

Write for us!! Please send us an email at contact “@” minecraftbuildinginc.com if you want to get in touch with us. We accept posts on our site  if they follow the next guidelines:

  • Content must be related to Minecraft and/or the gaming industry.
  • You should offer original and new content that hasn’t been posted in any other site.
  • Content can’t be created using any spin-content tool. It must be presented in a well-written and naturally flowing manner.
  • All images need to have the appropriate rights to be used.

If you want to reach out for details, please send us an email at contact “@” minecraftbuildinginc.com. We have an average of 100k page views a month, we are sure your content will get the traffic you are looking for.

Thank you for your interest in Minecraft Building Inc.

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