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What to build in Minecraft? Here are 15 ideas

You have built your city, house, buildings, farms, etc but now you are encountering the problem of what to put in them. We are not all interior or landscape designers in real life so you might need help with a few ideas so we went through all the posts we have shared and made this list with some things you could add to your list. We will add links later but the quick list is:

  1. Hot Tub / Jacuzzi
  2. Small Statues
  3. Theme Park
  4. Fireplace
  5. Custom Trees
  6. Sliding Door
  7. Roads for Cities
  8. Bathroom and Mirror
  9. Apple Computer
  10. Carrier Strike Group
  11. Elevator
  12. Laser Door
  13. Working chair
  14. Bed Pillows
  15. RV/Camper

As you can see in this list of items to add to your Minecraft builds we tried to add a little bit of everything from something to just filled out your city like roads and trees to stuff to make your house more homey feeling like a fireplace or your building a bit more functional with an elevator.

Without further ado let’s jump into what to build in Minecraft with this list of 15 items. 

A working Hot Tub / Jacuzzi

A working Hot Tub / Jacuzzi

Did you build a Mansion and now you are in the process of adding stuff and fourniture to it? Then a hot tub would be a great addition. On this post we added what you would need to build it, unfortunately looks like the original creator deleted the video tutorial but at least we saved the items you need to build it so hopefully you can figure out lol

If you need ideas for building mansions don’t forget to check our listing on the best mansions for Minecraft that we created a few weeks ago.

Small Statues

small statues for Minecraft

In this tutorial for making easy small statues you will find an easy to follow guide with images on how to add them into your world. These statues would look great in a park in your city or if you have a castle they would also look great by the entrance. 

We also made a list with the best castles for Minecraft in our blog, in case you need a couple ideas you should check it out.

Minecraft Park Theme

Minecraft Theme Park

This build is more for the ones who probably are just starting with their world a need big ideas to cover more space. The MinePark build is a Theme Park created by iRiZ Gaming and has all the things you would find on any real life theme park, from the ticketing entrance to roller coasters. The builder put a lot of thought and work into it and it definitely paid off.

Fireplace for your Minecraft House

9 fireplace ideas for Minecraft

Some time ago we shared this post with 9 fireplace ideas in which you would find at least one that fits your build. If you have a Mansion and haven’t put one inside it then you should definitely check these out. The fireplaces go pretty much with any build you are working on, the post doesn’t have schematic files but does have a video and screenshots for you to get ideas and implement them yourself.

370 Custom Trees

As said before, all of these posts have been shared long time ago and this Tree Bundle with 370 custom trees has been one of those posts that our visitors love because comes in pretty handy when building cities, no one has enough time to build so many trees and even if you do, you will probably run of ideas so there is no better way to do it than checking out this tree bundle built by exsili (wherever you are, we thank you!)

In case you need more help with ideas for your city you should also check out our post on the best Minecraft city and town builds.

Sliding Door

Minecraft sliding door

Do you have any automated sliding door in your build? If your answer is not then you should visit this post we made with this really cool redstone door created by CraftMine98. In the post you will find a video tutorial on how he made it and it’s pretty easy to replicate. This is one of those things you will probably keep revisiting often so make sure to save the link.

Roads for Cities

10 roads design for Minecraft

When building a city there are many things you need to add, like the trees we mentioned before, roads are something you will definitely need and that will make your Minecraft city look like a real life one. In this post we shared a video with 10 different road designs and decorations for them. You will get lots of ideas from it, and making them is usually not too difficult.

Bathroom and Mirror

Minecraft working mirror

Wondering how to make a mirror in Minecraft? This quick and easy post shares the items you will need to make it happen and also has a link to the original creator which at the time shared a video tutorial on how he made it, hopefully the video still exists but even if it doesn’t, knowing what items were used would be enough for you to figure this build out.

Apple Computer

Minecraft Detail Apple Computer OSX Mac

Computer inception in Minecraft is what this idea is about lol Since you are probably playing on your computer. This is one of those post we shared that over the years video tutorial and schematic files have been lost but what we are doing in this listing is just bringing you ideas for you to make, not everything has to be too easy. Here you will find the items you will need to make an Apple computer in Minecraft and then it’s up to your imagination how to put it together.

Carrier Strike Group

Having big ships on any body of water in your Minecraft builds looks sick! So we found this built by Se1fD3struct1on in which he created a Carrier Strike Group. It looks amazing and the schematic files are in the post (well, they should be). This is one of those things that will bring up the quality of any world and this one will also prepare you for a Minecraft War, if there is one.


redstone elevator

Following with the must have that you will keep visiting as you play and build in Minecraft we want to bring the idea of adding an Elevator to your Minecraft builds. This post contains a video tutorial on how to build an elevator in redstone. Really helpful to have it saved if you are working on a tall building or making a futuristic castle, whatever tickles your imagination.

Laser Door

Okay this idea might not fit all builds but if I ask someone, what to build in Minecraft? And if they respond “a laser door” I will probably agree with them. Here you will find the list of items you need to recreate it and a video tutorial on how to put it together, what else can you ask for?

Working Chair

I personally love adding stuff into my worlds that other than looking good are also functional. This short post with a video tutorial on how to make a working chair was one of those times where the build is also usable, so enjoy.

Bed Pillows

Minecraft design snow as pillows

Not sure if you would like us sharing this again because now that I revisited the post looks like the schematic files and video tutorial has gone lost on the mysterious internet world. Still, just reminding you that adding bed pillows to your beds is useful, or at least we think so. Since this is one of those details we tend to oversee adding it into the list made sense.


Last but not least, we have this tutorial on how to make an RV/Camper because who doesn’t love road trips! … Not everyone? Okay. 

The post has a link to the original resource pack the builder used so if the link is still alive you should take advantage and add it to your world.

There you have it! We have put together a list of 15 things to add to your Minecraft builds and we think we did great lol But seriously, sometimes just having this little list of ideas are really useful because after finishing building whole cities, big houses, amazing mansions in Minecraft then we are left idea-less on how to fill them up. Attention to detail is important so when you stumble upon the question of what to build in Minecraft again, come back to this post, you will find something you could add to your build.

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