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Wayward Wonders | Fight bosses in the Wonders of the World!

Wayward wonders minecraft world 7 wonders

Built by an amazing builder: m0ndy

Wayward Wonders is an open world “Complete the Monument” map with elements of both survival and adventure. The player(s) must explore the land to defeat the evil bosses that have taken over the Wonders of the world.

There are two monuments: The Adventure Monument (12 blocks) and the Wool Monument (15 blocks).

 wayward wonders monuments

Each block of the Adventure Monument is tied to a major location on the map. At each location is a beautiful Wayward Wonder of the World that has fallen to forces of evil. The player(s) must defeat all foes and return all the blocks to the monument to cleanse the land and the Wonders that stand upon it.
Completing the Adventure Monument allows the player(s) to access the final battle and block.
Each placed Wool Block gives the player(s) a random bonus reward item of high value. Wool Blocks are also tied to random locations scattered across the map.

Pick a direction and go! The map is designed to be vanilla Minecraft but with random events and amazing locations to discover. No single playthrough will be the same, and every player’s experience will be different (think Skyrim or Fallout style, but in Minecraft). You will not find all the special items or secrets, but that is the point. Some will take a few hours to play the map and some will be at it for several weeks. Make it what you want.

wayward wonders 1.8.3 world map

The map is made up of several landmasses. The Wayward Desert is dry and brutal. Water, soil, and trees are extremely rare and tough creatures are everywhere. The other continents are not nearly as dry but have their own challenges. Wayward Wonders, Wool locations, dungeons, temples, villages, and Spirit Stones are scattered across the whole map, in no particular order.
-Two monuments to complete (28 blocks total; 15 optional)
-Customized bosses, minions, hostile mobs, tamable mobs, mob gangs, and villagers
-Customized dungeons, temples, villages, and loot
-Side quests, moral choices, and NPC tasks
-Customized and unique items, potions, and enchantments
-Spirit Stones (13 total) that give temporary buffs
-A Fast Travel system, Spawn settings, and optional random location teleports
-Legendary weapons, tools, and armor
-Dozens and dozens of armor sets
-Triggered events, XP gains, dialogues, and game rules
-Experience shops and customized villager trading
-Command block-powered fluidity (no mods needed!)
-Open world freedom and random encounters
-Customized terrain
-To-scale Ancient Wonders of the World!

There’s also a wall around the playable area. The sky turns black if you’re getting close.

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-Players = Single or Multiplayer
-Command Blocks = Must be enabled!
-Difficulty = Normal is locked!
-Render distance = Highest you can support; minimum 10 chunks
-Texture Pack = Everything built vanilla, but use what you’d like
-Mods = Mini map mods are useful but not necessary
1. Refer to the map if you need some guidance.
2. Buy Ender Chests and take advantage of them.
3. Buy coordinate books if you’re really struggling.
4. There is a wall around the playable area and the sky turns black when you’re getting close to it
5. Ask any and all questions you have in this thread.
6. Post any and everything you want here, if it involves the map

1. Download the zip file.
2. Be patient. It’s a big file.
3. Unzip the file.
4. Place the resulting folder into your “saves” folder.

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