Water Dam

Its 1 massive damn!

On this post we want to show you this dam built by kingyatesy on which there is a structure to keep the water from flowing over a city.

We personally think this is a little small compared to a real life dam but the idea is to give you the inspiration and basic steps to take and build your own, in this case it will be replicating the same structure multiple times until you reach your desired size.

Remember to add this dam into the outside of a city or in a valley which is where they are usually located. Also, if you can build it in a way that is also an Hydropower  source then it will pair perfectly with other renewable energy builds you can add to your world.

minecraft water dam 2Built by kingyatesy

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      1. i made that dam and uploaded it to the “70’s” website but this website is shit and is sooooo slow and you must have like 10 people on it at once and its crashing giving out “Error establishing a database connection” errors? nice one

        1. Hi again! Prove to me you made it and I’ll delete it or add a link to the post. As for the errors, your right it is so slow BUT for good reason. I’m getting throttled for the amount of traffic I’m generating. This site is 3 months old and has taken off way more then I’ve ever expected. 50k a month and still rising fast! With all my sites thats a combination of 150k a month. So Its currently being transferred to a new host which will eliminate those problems. Congrats and way to be another a$$ on the internet!

          1. Im the ass on the internet… and i have the map for it i made it on tekkit so how would you like to see it

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