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Unic | A Steampunk Home

Some words from the builder PixelBlock


Unic is a Steampunk/Fantasy home including a hot-air balloon, a windmill, a watermill, and a small garden.
It was made in about 4 hours. It’s an entry for Venom’s 250 subscriber contest.
Texturepack is Athery’s Ascended by Gazamo.
In the mid-15th century a trader from the eastern ports traveled to the north seeking further trading options. Halfway there he was caught by bandits and taken hostage for 7 weeks. He was sold to be taken into mining work. There he worked, for months and months, and each day with the iron’s and steel he smelted, he’d sneak into the weaponsmith and make weapons of the goods. The continued mining for two years, every day more people we’re enslaved and taken into the mine. Then when they had more miners than the people who enslaved them they used the weapons and fought against the slavers. After they escaped the man went as far as he could from the mine and settled down in a forest, where he would not be troubled again. There he made his home where he made everything work in harmony to provide all the resource’s he would need for life.
Tool’s Used:
  • WorldEdit
  • VoxelSniper
  • WorldPainter
Thanks for checking out my build!
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