Tropical Sandstone Castle

Everyone wants a castle these days. I mean who doesn’t want to live on top of a mountain surrounded by big stones, gates, water, living in the clouds, and feeling like god! I mean that’s what it would feel like to me!

Some words from the author MatsHeiberg:

Hey hey, today I bring you a build I started like 9 months ago..and has been done for about 7. guess its your homework to figure out how long that is XD
The build was officially not to look anything like this, the first idea was to have it as a kind-of tower in the middle of all the amazing cathedrals you can see. But then it went to be something like sagrada famillia…but obviously that didn’t work out XD
AAAANYWAY the build took aproxy 60 hours to make, 20 hours for the structure itself and 40 for the terrain (I was a complete VS noob back then.)And still am, arguably.
RubenDelight for cinematic ( you sweet b**** you):
Zortron for giving me some head…I mean tips.
AND Mysidia for letting me do the terrain on their server:


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