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Tropical Island full of Places to Explore| Conquest Reforged

Map version 1.2

Build using the Conquest Reforged Mod—all-the-features-from-17-and-more-forge-189/

Wanted to try out a completely different style than what I am used to building. Had a lot of fun, but now I’m heading back to medieval again.
The smaller huts, as well as the ships, are not furnished yet. (As I wanted to wait for the next Update coming to Conquest Reforged) The big dungeon underneath the island is still a WIP and will be finished when the next CR update drops, as well. (Chests are empty atm for the same reason – CR is going to add lots of new items)
Nevertheless, I finally wanted to release this project.

This map might be helpful if you want to explore the island:


Additional Credits: Built by: Minecrafttalsi


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