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Top 5 Minecraft House Builds to Suit Any Taste

Among all the accomplishes we humans experience, nothing quite beats the feeling of becoming a homeowner. Setting up your own homestead is like planting a flag on the Earth that signals “Here be my territory”. With real estate prices not being what they used to be, though, that’s become a non-starter for a lot of people. Fortunately, Minecraft can give us a bit of sense of land ownership. It’s not even remotely close to the same thing but the key advantage is you can build anything at whatever scale, shape and look you desire.

Better yet, there are tons of house builds out there that can inspire you to build your own dream Minecraft crib. Here are the Top 5 House builds to suit any taste and kickstart your virtual architect career.

1. Hollywood Style

Hollywood Style Home

Live in the lap of movie star caliber luxury with this beautiful Hollywood style home by Planet Minecraft user NightWolf. Inspired by a house found in GTA V, this sleek and cleanly designed build is for those who want to be on the cutting edge of style. The house includes 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a patio, a pool, a fireplace and much more.

2. Country Style

If the peaceful outdoors are more your speed, then this cozy-looking ranch farm build by Goldeneye333 is your ideal Minecraft house. Its two stories could have you mistaking it for a mansion but make no mistake, it’s built for quiet days away from the noisy city. The build includes a farmhouse for all your livestock and cattle, a living room, a kitchen, a master bedroom and more.

3. Medieval Mansion

Fancy yourself a lord or lady of a prosperous land? Then this robustly built medieval mansion build by oakley09 is where you’ll hang your hat. It’s a completely furnished build that includes plenty of rooms fit for a person of your desired status. What’s even more impressive is how it was all built by hand without the use of WorldEdit.

4. 13×13 Modern Style

Minecraft House tutorial 13x13 modern

One more for the luxury-hunting folks out there, this 13 x 13 modern build by Keralis looks like the ultimate home of the future. Some might argue that it could also double as a Bond villain’s lair but who are we to judge. The build is quite spacious with a nice set of amenities and facilities for all possible needs. We especially love the room with the massive corner window.

5. Modern Cliffside Mansion

Modern Cliffside Mansion

Speaking of Bond villains, they enjoy living in secluded places where pesky MI6 agents can’t get to them easily. This Cliffside Mansion build by Chumong and Varex may not necessarily be made for a person looking to hold the world hostage, but it’s still an interesting source of inspiration for those who want to have the ultimate view. With lots of floors and rooms included, you’ll be wondering what you’re going to put into it.

We have lots of amazing house builds in our blog but this 5 are definitely some of the most popular ones we have published so we hope you enjoy them or check out our blog for more. To get the files you can go to the link we added on each description and there you will find more about the house and its file.

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