The Moszna Castle | A Gothic and Baroque

Inspired by the real “Zamek Moszna” situated in Poland, I quickly fell in love with the overall asymmetrical shape of this castle. And if that was not enough, this structure shares a few different styles. Some parts may be gothic when others may be baroque. The left side of the castle has more details as you can see. The right side though has less flourishes but still, I am not able to build flat walls, so there are details in my version. Keep in mind that this is by far not a replica. The Moszna Castle also has an interesting story behind it which motivated my choice even more.

When I started the construction if this castle, I was terrified by the idea that it may end up being much bigger than it was meant to be. And obviously, this is what happened… The first thing I built was the greenhouse on the side. The rest of the structure then had to fit with it which is why the castle ended up being gigantic.

Considering the enormous amount of chimneys on the rooftops, I eventually decided to add some smoke coming out of them. I think it adds some dynamics into the structure.

  • Half of the castle was built while listening to Beethoven compositions and the other half with Chopin’s work. That may have influenced a few things actually.
  • I prefer the right side.
  • There is no inside (Please do not kill me, I would have had to build 365 rooms otherwise)
  • There is actual vegetation inside the greenhouse.
  • I translated the name of this castle only to realize I should have never done that.
  • It is bigger than Erisia and my Benedictine palace.
  • I had many doubts on my capacity to finish one day this castle.


Here is the scale of the castle:174x314x168
There are approximately: 270’000 blocks
It took: 8 months or so
Helpers: None

Additional Credits: Built by: Bulix_


the-moszna-castle-a-gothic-and-baroque-castle-minecraft-building-ideas-download-save-detail-crazy-2 the-moszna-castle-a-gothic-and-baroque-castle-minecraft-building-ideas-download-save-detail-crazy-3 the-moszna-castle-a-gothic-and-baroque-castle-minecraft-building-ideas-download-save-detail-crazy-4 the-moszna-castle-a-gothic-and-baroque-castle-minecraft-building-ideas-download-save-detail-crazy-5 the-moszna-castle-a-gothic-and-baroque-castle-minecraft-building-ideas-download-save-detail-crazy-6 the-moszna-castle-a-gothic-and-baroque-castle-minecraft-building-ideas-download-save-detail-crazy-7 the-moszna-castle-a-gothic-and-baroque-castle-minecraft-building-ideas-download-save-detail-crazy-8 the-moszna-castle-a-gothic-and-baroque-castle-minecraft-building-ideas-download-save-detail-crazy-9 the-moszna-castle-a-gothic-and-baroque-castle-minecraft-building-ideas-download-save-detail-crazy-10
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