The Lucia May Expanse | A New England Map

I used Worldmachine WorldPainter to make this map…

The trees you see here are from my own custom tree pack! My tree pack for Conquest should be released to the public soon upon completion. Or I might release the incomplete version if I lose interest and fail to complete it. Either way, I’ll probably release something.

Credit to Lemonfox’s Tree bundle for one type of dead tree.

I use the Conquest Texture Pack + Optifine in Minecraft 1.7.10 for a lot of unique textures. Get them all in one here: ravand.org/launcher

I was inspired to make this map after re-watching my favorite Cartoon short series, Over the Garden Wall. The show has a dark, warm, autumn, old world America theme, and so does this map. Since Fall is coming real soon to us in America, I thought I’d make a map to celebrate it the season in all its glory. Fall is probably my favorite season. This map is inspired by the New England area (East Coast USA) in the fall. I envisioned it as old-world wilderness but envision however you like. The explorer that discovered this patch of land named it after his beloved wife, Lucia May.

This map is a little over 2K x 2K in size. You may use it for whatever you like as long as you give me credit somewhere and let me know what you use it for because I’m always curious!

Additional Credits: Built by: Dwarfsosi


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