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Some words from the builder: CrisstheNightbringer

Hello! I am here today to bring you another map, created by the one and only Criss the Nightbringer, the Island of Pyke!


Pyke is an island found within the Game of Thrones universe. It is the home to the Iron-islanders, a once mighty kingdom of sea raiders. The current rulers of the islands are the Greyjoys, who wave a flag with a golden kraken emblazoned on it. Pyke is but one of the many islands of their hold however it is the heart of their power. On the southern coast lies the great castle Pyke, named after the Island. Its towers stand on massive sea stacks that have begun crumbling into the sea. On the northern shores are two more of the largest towns, Iron Holt and Lordsport, the only place of safe anchor on the island.

Map Info:

The map itself does not have any builds on it. It is roughly 4×4 kilometers. The map is being put up for download before I start my representation of the castles and towns there. It has custom trees, small caves, plenty of cliff faces and some decent mountainous terrain as well. There are slightly less resources than you would find on a regular map and no villages or dungeons are present :/The Conquest Texture Pack meta data values were in mind when creating the island and the map is best viewed with the pack turned on and connected textures activated. It is not however necessary to view the map with it at all :). Swag.


Below is a link to the YouTube series I posted on my channel covering the entire creation of the map. It is a tutorial series brought to you so that you may learn my techniques and enjoy their effects on your own awesome maps. In the future I will be doingtime-lapsesor let’s builds of the islands castles and towns. On top of that I will be continuing the world painter series with the creation of more maps based on other game locations such as World of Warcraft battlegrounds or other Game of Thrones locations. Enjoy and tell your friends and subscribe for more!
Tools used – World painter
Texture pack – Conquest Texture Pack
Custom trees bylentebriesje
The Island of Pyke minecraft world 2 The Island of Pyke minecraft world 3 The Island of Pyke minecraft world 4 The Island of Pyke minecraft world 5 The Island of Pyke minecraft world 6 The Island of Pyke minecraft world 7 The Island of Pyke minecraft world 8 The Island of Pyke minecraft world 9 The Island of Pyke minecraft world
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