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Take Back The Night Adventure Map

Take Back The Night
This is the second part of Captain’s musical Trilogy. Take Back The Night


It is about a prince who was rescued from the recent mob outbreak from a Fallen Kingdom. He was found and raised by Travellers and Villagers. Little did he know that his Village is in danger from Herobrine. The one who caused the mob outbreak in Fallen Kingdom. As the prince stop the danger. He also travelled to destroy Herobrine and avenge his father.

-Play as the prince
-Complete quest/request of villagers
-Trade and get stuff with emeralds to Wizards,Blacksmiths and Travel Suppliers.
-Play as the one in the music video.
-Find scattered emeralds in the Kingdom,Training area and Desert Village to buy weapons and other stuff.

This is an adventure map – Version 1.8.0 – 1.8.6

Try not to do the following:
Don’t trade with civilians. Only at the wizard,blacksmith and travel supplier
Don’t go out of the Kingdom(climb the hill), Training Camp(climb the hill) and the Desert Village
Don’t go creative. It means you can’t finish the map fair and square

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